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June 14 1928 Che Guevara born
March 1953 Batista seized power in Cuba
July 1953 Castro and a small force launched an abortive attack on a barracks in Santiago de Cuba, where he was captured
September 1954 Guevara arrived in Mexico City
November 1954 Batista elected Life President
May 1955 Castro, together with the survivors of his band, were released under an amnesty.
June 1955 Fidel Castro and his brother Raul meet Guevara in Mexico City
November 25 1956 Guevara, the Casto s and a small band set off for Cuba in the yacht Granma
December 2 1956 They land in the province of Oriente in Cuba
May 1958 Batista sent an army of around 10,000 men to attack the guerillas in the Sierra Maestra
August 1958 The guerillas defeated the army and captures large quantities of arms and ammunition
January 1st 1959 Batista flees Cuba
2nd January 199 Castro's forces, including Guevara, enter Havana
16th February 1959 Castro elected Premier
October 7th 1959 Guevara became head of the Industrialization programme of the Institute of National Agrarian Reform
November 1959 Guevara made head of the national bank of Cuba
February 1961 he was made minister for industry
April 1965 he disappears from public view
1967 Rumoured to be in the Belgian Congo taking part in the civil war
October 8th 1967 Captured by Bolivian troops
October 9th Shot dead



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